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Production Engineering

Our company is driven by engineering, where we offer a comprehensive service and promote engineer to engineer interfacing, to support our customers and their products through the entire manufacturing process.

We endeavour to work with our customers in the following areas:

  • Front end support
  • Cable assembly drawings
  • Design proposals
  • Material and component selection
  • Cable configuration / management proposals / prototype build
  • Reverse engineering
  • Best production methods
  • Contract review


The engineering team are available right from the off set, working alongside our highly experienced sales team to provide a very competitive quotation which meets all interconnectivity needs. Also, endeavouring to constantly review and improve the quality and service we provide to our customers.

This will include a full bill of materials (BoM) and design review, where compatibility checks are performed by communicating with the manufacturers if needed (and alternatives are proposed if necessary) ensuring the customer has a product that is reliable and fit for purpose.

A constant communication channel between our sales team and engineering team is open to keep our customers up to date during the whole process. We also offer a ‘problem solving’ service to help overcome any bumps along the way. We always keep our customer in mind, from the initial development all the way through the entire manufacturing process, to strive for 100% satisfaction.

We are able if required, to provide in house drawing designs as there are many customers who do not have access to this feature. The drawing design is critical and is used throughout the entire manufacturing process, aiding the elimination of risk and ensures that a product is always received to an exact specification, and to a high standard.

Our engineering team is always available on site as well as off site.

Our engineering team can work directly with the customer at a premise of their specification, where face to face interaction is needed. Whether this is to adopt their in-house methods to help achieve the exact standard they require or whether it be to help in the initial design to provide support and offer our experience to develop an ongoing project.

The onsite support ensures best production methods are used, also providing detailed work instructions and in process inspection checkpoints to aid the elimination of any risk of error during the manufacturing process. Our engineers also work with our inspection and stores staff stipulating best methods which help to keep our prices and lead times competitive.

It also extends to equipment control, keeping up to date with the current requirements and again helps removes any risk during the manufacturing process.

The engineering team offer a prototype build service to provide the customer with a working sample that can be analysed and reviewed if necessary. Working with the customer making any changes to the specification if they arise. This service gives the customer a ‘Golden Sample’ which all products subsequently manufactured will meet the exact specification.

We also offer a reverse engineering service, if the specification of a product is unknown our team will analyse the product and provide the customer with a BoM and any other supporting documentation they may require.

We also perform contact reviews, where we ensure that all contract requirements, regulations and requirements for availability, delivery and support are adequately defined and that the company is capable of meeting the requirements of its customers, to ensure each order placed is competitive and to the same exact standard as the first ever product purchased.

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