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Cable Harnesses & Looms

Established in 1993, Fastlink has supplied simple cable assemblies through to complex bespoke assemblies for large National and International projects.

  • Whether you require soldered connectors or a crimp solution, we apply the highest quality standards you would expect to all connections made. For assemblies with discrete cables we have the capability to mark each cable individually.
  • All our crimped products can be strain tested. If this is required, we can either do a destructive test by batch, or we can perform a non-destructive test on 100% of all cables.
  • The cable assemblies and looms can be finished with braid, cable ties, spiral wrap or laced, to provide you with the cable form you require ready for integration into your products, or for ease of manufacture.
  • All our cable assemblies are 100% tested to ensure quality, consistency and reliability.
  • Box build to any design ranging from ruggedized computers to small metal and plastic enclosures.
Cable Harnesses
& Looms