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RJ45 (8P8C) Shielded Connectors - Fastlink

RJ45 (8P8C) Shielded Connectors

Used for – Termination connector for crimping on to the ends of  FTP CAT5e, CAT6 &CAT6a cable. This is the standard 8P8C (eight position, eight contact) RJ45 connector, most frequently used in PC networking applications, such as connecting PCs together, or to a modem, router or switch. These connectors can be used with stranded or solid core cabling for network connections of up to 10GBps. Our connectors are shielded which means they can be connected to FTP or SFTP cable to help shield the cable from interference. To make sure the shield is utilised within the cable, please make sure your RJ45 sockets in your equipment you plan to use these connectors with are shielded too.

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