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Italian Mains Cables - Fastlink

Italian Mains Cables

There are two variations of the Italian plug, one rated at 10 amps, and one at 16 amps. The 10 amp version has two round pins that are 4 mm thick and spaced 5.5 mm apart, with a grounding pin in the middle. The 16 amp version has two round pins that are 5 mm thick, spaced 8mm apart, as well as a grounding pin. Italy has a kind of “universal” socket that comprises a “schuko” socket.

Italian Plug to C5
Fastlink Part No# Length
** 2 Meter


Italian Plug to C7
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-015 2 Meter


Italian Plug to C13
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-024 2 Meter

**Please Ring for Availability 


Cable Harnesses
& Looms