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Brazilian Mains Cables - Fastlink

Brazilian Mains Cables

There are two variations of the Brazilian plug, one rated at 10 amps, and one at 20 amps. The 10 amp version has two round pins that are 4 mm thick, and a grounding pin. The 20 amp version, used for heavier appliances, has two round pins 4.8 mm in diameter, and a grounding pin. The Brazilian socket was designed to work with Euro 2 pin plugs as well.

Brazil is one of the few countries that uses two types of voltage. While most states use 127 V, some of them use 220 V. It is therefore important to find out the local voltage before plugging in your appliance (note: wrong voltage can destroy your appliance). Many appliances sold in Brazil are dual voltage.
Brazilian Plug to C13
Fastlink Part No# Length
** 2 Meter
Brazilian to C7 (Euro plug to C7 Mains Cable)
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-015 2 Meter

**Please Ring for Availability 

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