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Australian Mains Cables - Fastlink

Australian Mains Cables

The AUS plug has two flat pins in a V-shape as well as a grounding pin. A version of the plug, which only has the two flat pins, exists as well. The Australian plug also works with sockets in China. Australia’s standard plug/socket system is rated 10 amps but a plug/socket configuration rated 15 amps also exists, although the ground pin is wider. A standard 10 amp plug will fit into a 15 amp socket but not the other way around.

Australian Plug to C5
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-016.1 2 Meter


Australian Plug to C7
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-062 2 Meter


Australian Plug to C13
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-016 2 Meter


Australian Plug to C15
Fastlink Part No# Length
MOC-030 2 Meter


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